Watch Boardwalk Empire Through Online Streaming

Watch Boardwalk Empire Through Online Streaming
Premiered: September 19, 2010
Genre: Crime and Mystery, Drama
Starring: Steve Buscemi , Michael Pitt , Kelly Macdonald
MPAA Rating: NR (estimated: R), TV-MA
953 votes, 4.70 avg. rating (93% score)
Views: 6254

The cable television network HBO is known for their outstanding television series.  It is the home of critically-acclaimed shows such as The Sopranos, Deadwood, Band of Brothers, The Pacific and Entourage.  All these have endeared countless viewers over the years, and garnered nominations and awards from various prestigious award-giving bodies.  In 2010, HBO added another remarkable series in their lineup: Boardwalk Empire.  From all the buzz surrounding the show, one thing is clear: the network has done it again.

Since the show premiered, many television viewers found it hard not to watch Boardwalk Empire.  The series chronicles the life and times of Enoch “Nucky” Thompson, a politician and gangster who ruled over Atlantic City.  The story was based on a non-fiction book written by Nelson Johnson entitled “Boardwalk Empire: The Birth, High Times and Corruption of Atlantic City,” a true account of how Atlantic City was controlled during the Prohibition by both local politicians and criminals.  However, the person who reigned over city was Nucky, which was played on the small screen by Steve Buscemi.  The story about the criminal kingpin was appealing and in itself a good reason to watch Boardwalk Empire, but the quality of the series is the real reason why one should tune in.

Watch Boardwalk Empire Online

Since the first episode debuted, Boardwalk Empire had received nothing but positive reviews from critics.  It is considered as one of the best programs on television today, and for many good reasons.  The main reason one must watch Boardwalk Empire is because of the storytelling.  The story is good in itself, but a story is only as good as the way it is presented to the viewers.  Terence Winter, the award-winning writer behind The Sopranos, delivers another fine, character-driven story which is perfectly complemented by impressive visuals.  Oscar winner Martin Scorsese directed the pilot episode, and his cinematic trademark set the tone to what would be an exceptional series.

Viewers who will watch Boardwalk Empire will also find the historical accuracy a good reason to tune in.  After all, a glimpse into the Prohibition era is only worth seeing if it was based on facts.  In the show, Nucky Thompson interacts with many historical figures that viewers may be familiar with.  Of course, Steve Buscemi’s superb performance also makes the series worth watching.

Watch Boardwalk Empire Streaming

Those who do not have cable need not worry about not being able to watch Boardwalk Empire.  In fact, those who do not have television can still watch Boardwalk Empire.  The Internet makes it possible for anyone to catch the television series anytime and anywhere from a laptop or mobile PC through streaming.  The only thing that one needs is a high speed broadband connection.

Aside from convenience, live streaming grants the viewer discretion.  Because the program deals with mature themes, it would be best for adults to not to watch Boardwalk Empire in the family room when there are kids around.  Thanks to live streaming on the Internet, adults can watch Boardwalk Empire in total privacy.

953 votes, 4.70 avg. rating (93% score)