Watch Entourage

Watch Entourage
Premiered: July 25, 2004
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Starring: Kevin Connolly , Adrian Grenier , Kevin Dillon
MPAA Rating: (estimate) R
3741 votes, 4.60 avg. rating (91% score)
Views: 14,528

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When Entourage first aired on HBO in 2004, it was welcomed by cable TV subscribers with open arms, and those who tuned in to watch Entourage the first time found themselves continuously watching the show and looking forward to the next season.  For regular folks, the lives of Hollywood stars have always been a subject of interest.  Because celebrities are more privileged than most, it is natural for people outside Hollywood to be curious and intrigued with what is going on in their lives.  This is why tabloids always sell, even if the stories they sell are often fabricated and ridiculous.  Therefore, a television show about a struggling actor in Hollywood would be expected to get a positive reception from viewers—and HBO’s Entourage proves it.

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Produced by Mark Wahlberg, the series chronicles the life of an up-and-coming actor named Vincent Chase.  Chase, played by Adrian Grenier,  choose to navigate Los Angeles and the world of Hollywood with his childhood friends from New York, with his buddies serving as his ‘entourage.’  It is said that the story is loosely based on Wahlberg’s own experiences when he was just starting out in the business, and this was enough reason for most to  watch Entourage.


Watch Entourage Online

Every season,  Entourage received positive and favorable reviews from critics and fans alike.  Even the most discriminating TV critics found the HBO comedy-drama likable, if not thoroughly enjoyable.  Most television

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viewers found the series very funny, and the writing quite commendable.  Of course, another reason people watch Entourage is because of the realistic representation of Hollywood: the series shows the situations that Vincent Chase and his gang deals with in Los Angeles.  Also, the male viewing public loved to watch Entourage because it was something not only they can enjoy, but something they can relate to.  After all, it was a television series that focused on male friendships.



Watch Entourage Streaming

Entourage is great, but what makes it better is that it can be viewed online.  It is definitely a treat that people can watch Entourageon the Internet.  Because the television series can be streamed online,  even those

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who do not have cable can follow the adventures of Chase and his pals.  Avid fans of the show who travel a lot or are rarely at home need not miss any episode, either: they can watch Entourage on a mobile PC or a laptop anywhere in the world as long as there is a high speed internet connection.  Moreover, convenience is another perk of watching the series online.  Online streaming allows those who love the show to watch Entourage whenever they want, and to see any episodes they have missed, if there are any.

Entourage was a hit with viewers but sadly, the series has wrapped up and completed its eighth and final season.  Fortunately, the internet enables many people to still enjoy the series through streaming video.

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Anytime anyone wants to watch Entourage again and see his or her favorite episodes, all he or she has to do is go online.











3741 votes, 4.60 avg. rating (91% score)